York Region Public Health

The Baby Friendly Initiative

Although York Region Public Health’s Child and Family Health division provides numerous services for expecting women and new moms, including breastfeeding clinics, hospital visits from nurses, nutrition programs and mental health and wellness, it received a shock. The WHO (World Health Organization) turned down it's accredidation due to its assessment that residents of York were not aware of neither the services provided nor York Region’s role.

The creative positioned YRPH as an expert and gently interact to create a relationship with the audience. The message, imagery and tone of voice was the same on social media (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram),online with leader boards, pre-rolls and banners, in print, and on Transit, putting YRPH in the spotlight to bolster its awareness and working to solidify its position as the expert on all things babies.

As a result:

• Social media posts were shared /liked, generating exceptional engagement with the audience.

• Facebook likes increased by 1,800, page impressions increased by 1100 (300%increase), shares during period 250 (no previous shares), new engagements 600 (up from 90) in previous period.

• Instagram followers increased to 225. (No previous followers)

• Pinterest followers increased to 178 during period. (No previous followers)

• Online display ads generated 890,000 impressions and 1,290 clicks to the site to request additional information about YPRH services.

• Total visits to site during period 2,400.

• The level of engagement and interaction with the online advertising elements indicated there was a keen interest in YRPH messaging, services and programs.

• BFI accreditation (WHO) was awarded immediately following the awareness campaign.

Note: During the period of this campaign it is estimated that there were approximately 3,200 women who were pregnant in York Region.